Kudu has nailed it for us. I don’t have to hire a PPC manager or an agency. Instead, I have a dedicated expert managing our ad campaigns which are acquiring us new customers every day.

Rif Kamil - CEO, FOODit.com

About Foodit

FOODit spawned from the UK’s leading commercial food provider JJ Food Service. When founder, Rif Kamil started FOODit his vision was simple: he wanted to empower restaurants and takeaways with the tools they needed to become more successful.

FOODit has a suite of products, from a table booking service for restaurants to a turnkey online-ordering system for takeaways. As the company continued to grow they wished to begin online advertising to help more businesses learn about their solutions.

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London, UK
  • Certified Google AdWords expert
  • 5+ years AdWords professional
  • Verified by Kudu

Kudu matched FOODit with Google AdWords expert Abith. Abith has spent over 5 years helping great companies grow with online advertising and he was excited to help FOODit reach new audiences.

Starting Advertising

Abith kicked off the conversation with Rif learning about FOODit’s goals. Abith created a tailored advertising plan for FOODit which recomended how to run their campaigns and what they should expect.

When Rif was ready to start advertising he subscribed to Kudu, and Abith began running their ad campaigns.

Abith keeps Rif and the team in-the-know with what's happening in their campaigns via Kudu's weekly reports. Rif can also keep track of the campaigns' overall performance via the monthly metric reports

Fully Managed Campaigns

Abith runs every part of FOODit’s Google AdWords campaigns. As the campaigns developed over time they have become a reliable channel for acquiring new customers. The company have also found great insights from their advertising which have helped make decisions on such things as prioritising features.

I particularly like the weekly reports. It’s a handy reminder telling me ‘hey, this was managed in the campaigns this week.” - Rif Kamil - CEO, FOODit

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